2024-25 Annual Business Plan

Council's Annual Business Plan sets out our key directions and projects for the coming year, what these projects are aiming to achieve, their cost, and how they will advance the overall strategic direction for our district. The Draft Annual Business Plan for 2024-25 has now been released for public consultation, and Council invites the community to provide their feedback.

Budget Highlights

Rates in 2024-25

In setting the rates for the 2024-25 financial year, Council considered the need to keep rate increases as low as possible whilst also considering resources required to deliver Council services, changes in valuation, and the implementation of a range of Council's strategic plans.

Council has adopted a 3.5% general and fixed charge increase for the 2024-25 year, which we have kept below the CPI increase of 4.3% to help alleviate the pressure from higher costs in the upcoming financial year. It is to be noted that the actual increase payable by any individual ratepayer may be more or less than this, depending on the movement in the capital value of their property (relative to the average).

As part of setting the rates, a review of council’s service charges was carried out. This has resulted in an increase of 3.5% for Council’s Waste Management Service charge and the Community Waste Management will increase by 4.3%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rates continue to be Council’s main source of income, bringing in 59.64% of overall revenue, which ensures we can fund the renewal and development of our infrastructure assets and maintain or improve our services to the community.

In addition to rates revenue, Council also receives income from statutory charges (1.08%), user charges (5.39%), grants, subsidies and contributions (28.76%), investment income (1.02%), reimbursements (0.32%) and other (3.79%).

Capital expenditure refers to the funds an organisation spends on acquiring and upgrading physical assets like property, equipment, or infrastructure.

Operating expenditure encompasses the day-to-day costs incurred by an organisation in its normal operation.

Some of the key budget items for the coming year are:

- Road works including re-sheeting and re-seals - $4.3m

- Billiat Road (Stage 3) - $1.5m*

- Paisley boat ramp upgrade $378,400*

- Solar panels, batteries and automated irrigation to reduce operating expenditure - $250,000

- Waikerie Institute upgrades - $200,000

- Loxton oval viewing structure ground works - $190,000

- Community event and project support - $250,000

For a full list of the projects being funded in the draft budget for next financial year, please visit pages 19-24 of the Draft Annual Business Plan.

General rates are Council’s primary source of income to fund the services and projects provided to the community. Council has adopted differential rating which will apply to all rateable land and is based on the capital value of the property. Rates vary depending on location and land use.

How much you pay is calculated by taking the rate in the dollar and multiplying it by our property valuation.

Council rates also incorporate a fixed charge, as well as service charges for the Community Waste Management System (CWMS), waste management, and the regional landscape levy.

Per $100, Council rates are allocated in the following manner:

  • Projects $28.66
  • Environment $7.96
  • Community $10.34
  • Infrastructure & Roads $42.61
  • People & Planning $10.43