Due to the growing popularity of the Loxton Library and Visitor Information Centre, the Council considered it a priority to increase its space and improve its activities. At the same time, the Council established a working group to investigate improvements to the Loxton and Waikerie Public Toilets. During the working group's deliberations, the Loxton Council Chamber located at 29 East Terrace underwent environmental testing following internal flooding caused by a storm. Unfortunately, the testing detected unsafe levels of mould within the building, rendering it unfit for occupation. Consequently, the Council relocated its Loxton Office to 35 Bookpurnong Terrace, leaving the Council Chamber vacant

The Loxton Library, VIC & Public Toilet Working Group (consisting of Council staff and Elected Members) explored various solutions, and after careful consideration, recommended to Council a plan to move the Library and Visitor Information Centre into the former Council Office after remediation of the mould and upgrades to the building at 29 East Terrace. The existing Library in the East Terrace median strip would then be demolished, and new public toilets and open landscaped space would replace it.

Through the working group, a design was created and a cost estimates was defined. The project was then adopted in the 2022-23 Annual Business Plan.

Visualisation Images

In development of the design for new Library, Visitor Information & Cultural Centre and public amenities block, the following visualisation images were developed and made public in October 2022 for the community to gain a better idea of what the delivered project may look like.

The new Library, Visitor Information & Cultural Centre will utilise the front of the existing building, with Council working closely with Heritage SA to ensure that all heritage requirements are being met in the design.

* The images provided are indicative only of what the refurbished building is intended to look like.

Progress Images