Infrastructure and public amenities along the Loxton Riverfront will soon be upgraded, allowing the community to enjoy the river while water for the environment is delivered.

The South Australia Constraints Measures project is removing constraints, or barriers, to the delivery of environmental water, in order to improve the health of the South Australian River Murray’s floodplains and wetlands.

In 2013, the Constraints Management Strategy was produced by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority to identify the physical, operational and management constraints that are affecting delivery of water for the environment for 7 key areas across the Basin, including the River Murray in South Australia.

While the main goal of relaxing constraints is to provide greater scope for environmental flows to floodplains and end-of-system, the SA Constraints Measures project will also improve access to the river and facilities for water managers, communities and landholders during natural high flow events.

Works in Loxton are expected to be completed by mid 2024. The community will have access to all existing toilets and/or portable facilities while works are underway. Riverbank stabilisation will be a staged process, allowing the community to utilise portions of the riverfront while the works are being completed.

The works include:

Loxton Riverfront Upgrade Map

To find out more about the South Australian Constraints Measures project visit the website.

The South Australia Constraints Measures project is being delivered by the Government of South Australia and funded by the Australian Government, as part of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.