As part of the Boating & Riverfront Facilities Plan 2019-2024, the Waikerie Boat Ramp located on Edgar Bartlett Drive was identified as requiring upgrades and bank stabilisation. After engaging with the sub-committee of the Council, a draft plan was developed that met the needs of users and complied with infrastructure requirements.

Consultation with a coastal and civil engineer and the preferred construction contractor took place to create the concept plans and define a methodology for the project.

The upgrade works for the boat ramp include:

  • Installation of a new concrete boat ramp
  • Installation of a floating pontoon
  • Installation of lighting
  • Creation of bitumen carpark adjacent boat ramp
  • Formalised rigging/de-rigging area
  • Improvements to bank stabilisation
  • Minor landscaping

The project will provide improved boating facilities for the community, and the upgraded boat ramp will better serve the needs of users, providing safer and more reliable access to the river. The Council is committed to delivering this project on time and on budget, and looks forward to the community benefiting from the enhanced facilities.

This project was partially funded by the South Australian Government's Department for Infrastructure and Transport under the SA Boating Facilities Fund - Stage 2.


Progress Images