The District Council of Loxton Waikerie is seeking the community's valuable input to help determine the ideal weekend day (Saturday or Sunday) for the operation of our local Waste Transfer Stations (WTS). For the 2023/24 financial year, Council did not raise majority of the Waste Transfer Station fees and charges. A reduction in operating hours over the weekend and improved use of correct waste disposal separation will assist Council in keeping disposal costs as low as possible for the community.

A recent review of Waste Transfer Stations across the region has revealed that some sites, such as the Berri Cleanaway WTS, are not open on weekends, while others, like the Renmark site, are only open for a limited period on Sundays.

To address the higher volume of users at the Loxton WTS, Council are considering increasing the number of operators on-site, with one stationed at the entry point and another at the waste bins to ensure the correct waste disposal paths for recycling are being used.

Usage of the Waikerie site will be carefully monitored once the weekend operating hours are established to determine if additional operators are necessary, as recent data has indicated very low usage numbers at that location.

Your participation in the decision-making process is greatly appreciated, and will help Council to ensure its waste management services align with the needs of the community.

Community engagement will close 5pm Thursday 31 August 2023.
To provide your feedback, please complete the short, one-question survey below and click submit.

For any additional questions or comments related to this engagement, please contact Council on
08 8584 8000 or